Saturday, April 10, 2010

i don't want this !

Ya Allahhhhh , should i fight with a girl just because of an useless boy ? SHOULDN'T !i don't want this to happen. i won't fight with others just because of a boy. i don't know how to manage this situation. what should i do ? i can talk to her , but at the same time , if she won't listen , i won't surrender because it's really not my fault ! i want to be her friend , just like what we had long time ago. not an enemy. phewww.

sabar zack.


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  2. just a stupid woman will leave her bff for an useless man .

    dont worry , said to her ;
    you lost one man who will leave you for his wife , but you will never lost your best friend who always make joke and shared your sadness .